A Perl/Tk launcher program specifically designed for handhelds (with
the focus to familiar linux), but should also work on desktop
environments. Included with the launcher is a set of modules for a
PIM-like environment.

The aim is to minimize memory consumption when using Perl/Tk programs.
In Tk-AppMaster, all modules are running in the same process, thus
sharing the memory for the perl modules.

Virtually every Perl/Tk widget should be pluggable into Tk-AppMaster.
The set of modules in work is: address book, application lister, audio
recorder, calculator, calendar, command launcher, editor, support for
the familiar linux menu system, virtual keyboard support, mail reading
and sending, process lister, sending SMS via Siemens cellphones, a
simple spreadsheet module, ipkg manager, and various system utilities.

Caveat emperor! This is pre-alpha software. You need perl and perl/Tk
installed on your system. For the ipaq, you can fetch the needed
modules from


You need three perl distributions in this directory:

	* perl-5.005-minimal-bin-0-arm-linux.tar.gz
	* perl-5.005-basicmods-bin-0-arm-linux.tar.gz
	* perl-Tk-800.023-bin-0-arm-linux.tar.gz

It's possible that I forgot something to include, so if there are any
missing libraries or such, just ask!

Start Tk-AppMaster with


If you have a working ppp or network connection to an iPAQ (or another
handheld running a unix-like OS), you can try

	make rsync-ipaq-devel

to copy the program code (assuming the handheld host name is "ipaq",
and the user is "root").

Mails to Slaven Rezic slaven.rezic@berlin.de.